TLC User Product Review
Deano Sakos, D.D.S.

Patients don’t move.  They don’t do anything.  They just lie perfectly still, oblivious to what we’re doing.  This is a wonderful thing.

We own four TLC Technology Lighting Centers, one in every operatory and hygiene room.  We started with one TLC unit three years ago, and liked it so much we went ahead and bought the other three.

Ideal Monitor Placement
For us, the greatest benefit of the TLC is that patients think that we are the most high-tech practice in the world.  We also value the fact that the TLC integrates all of our technologies in one system.  In our operatory set up we use the TLC in front of the patient (ceiling mounted) with another monitor positioned behind them where we can do our work while the patient is distracted watching movies and cable TV on the overhead TLC monitor.  When we want them to see what we are looking at, we simply push a button and we can show them an image and discuss their treatment without re-positioning them or disrupting our work flow.  This has been a terrific set up for us.  With the TLC, we are able to integrate all of our X-rays, imaging, pictures, movies and TV into one integrated technology and lighting system.  It is an incredible piece of dental equipment.

I Hated the Heat from Our Old Operatory Lights
Three years ago, we were in a situation where all of our lights were going out on us.  They constantly needed repair and I was literally losing my hair from the heat of the lights.  I knew I would be spending at least $3,000 a light anyway, so it was a no-brainer for us when we first saw a brochure for the TLC Technology Lighting Center.  I thought, “By golly, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of a ceiling-mounted patient entertainment monitor for a long time, and this one incorporates twin cold fiber optic lights as part of the system.”  I really didn’t want to spend all that money for the same old light that I never liked anyway.  So it seemed like the right time to make a change and try something new.

I Love the TLC’s Twin Cold Fiber Optic Operatory Lights
As it turned out, from day one I’ve loved the light from the TLC, especially having two cold, fiber optic lights that I can position separately.  I can have one light focused on the patient’s mouth and one on my hands.  Before, when we would do bridge adjustments outside the mouth, my assistant would always be moving the light back and forth from the patient’s mouth to my hand.  The TLC saves her a lot of time and labor, and makes our work go much faster and more smoothly.  We love the fact that the lights don’t generate any heat at all or produce any glare for patients watching movies or TV on the overhead monitor system.

Patients Just Lie There Mesmerized by the Screen
From the very first day, our patients loved the TLC.  Even three years later, every new patient remarks, “Wow, you have TV,” or they comment on whatever we have playing in front of them on the TLC.  As a kid dentist, we are amazed by how cooperative kids are when they are watching the TLC.  They love it so much sometimes we have to turn off the monitor to get them out of the office.  During an appointment, patients just lie there, mesmerized by the screen.  They don’t talk.  They don’t move.  They don’t do anything.  They just lie perfectly still, oblivious to what we are doing.  This is a wonderful thing for a kid dentist, or any other specialty.

Improved Office Atmosphere
We have an open concept floor plan in our office with no walls between operatory rooms.  Now, as patients watch TV or a movie on the overhead TLC monitor and listen to their programs through headphones, it’s as if they’re in their own private zone and not looking around to see what’s going on with other patients.  This alone has transformed the atmosphere in the office and raised us up a notch in terms of patient comfort and a much calmer, more efficient working environment.  This piece of dental equipment has been a tremendous positive for our practice. 

The TLC Has Been More Than Worth the Investment
From our experience, the TLC has more than paid for itself in referrals alone which have increased dramatically since we installed our first TLC system.  Just having the TLC puts the icing on the cake in terms of patients being impressed by the fact that they can watch movies and TV.  Because they are relaxed and satisfied with their dental experience, they talk about us to their friends and family.  They perceive our practice as ultra high tech and very patient friendly, mostly because of this one very unique dental product.

Efficiency has Increased 20%-30%!
I would say that since we installed our TLC Technology Lighting Centers, we are working 20% - 30% more efficiently.  Appointments go much faster and patients seem much happier and more relaxed.  We no longer have to spend time re-positioning patients when we need them to see the intraoral camera or have them view digital X-rays.  Everything we need to show the patient is integrated into the TLC over-the-patient monitor system.  We never have to start and stop a procedure to use any of our technology.  With the TLC, it’s seamless and easy.  I can’t think of any other dental product that can accomplish this.

Every Dentist Should Own at Least One TLC
If I were advising dentists considering a TLC dental equipment purchase, I would tell them that the TLC will actually save them money in the long run, and that it is absolutely worth the investment.  You can buy all new expensive chairs for your office and you can put one new picture on the wall, and it seems everybody only notices the picture.  The picture cost $200 framed and you spent thousands for the chairs.  For us, buying the TLC was like putting a new picture on the wall because it’s right in front of the patient and integral to their experience.  Everyone notices it and it conveys a compelling technology statement about the professionalism of our practice.  The sleek ergonomics of the design also enhances the look and feel of the dental operatory.  There are no arms or poles cluttering up the office and patients notice this and comment more often than we ever might have imagined.

The TLC Adds Great Value in Hygiene Rooms
One of biggest improvements in our practice has been using the TLC in our hygiene rooms.  Now that we use digital X-rays, we can easily switch away from the patient’s TV program to show them their x-rays on the overhead monitor.  Patients get to see what we’re looking at without any disruption to their comfort or our workflow.  This impresses patients more than I ever would have imagined.  Patients can see exactly what I’m talking about and seem grateful and more ready to accept the treatment I suggest.

Patient Distraction is a Positive
In our society it would seem everyone is overworked and over-stressed.  We have so many patients who say they feel so relaxed in our office watching TV or a movie in the middle of their work day that they don’t want to leave when the appointment is over.  That is a very different patient reaction that we attribute directly to the effectiveness of the TLC.  In this regard, we find that time passes so much more quickly for patients when they are distracted watching movies and TV instead of staring at the ceiling tiles wondering when they can leave.  The TLC is especially effective during long appointments when patients can watch an entire movie and never once ask how much longer we will be.  We are always surprised how by how many patients bring in their own DVD’s to watch when they know they will be here for a while.  It is also an ideal alternative sedation dentistry.

Excellent Customer Service
Our service from the Seltzer Institute has been unbelievable.  Steve Seltzer has been very responsive to all of our needs.  In our experience, the TLC is an amazing dental equipment product, and Seltzer Institute is a very fine supplier.

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