The best way to evaluate how a product will perform in your practice is by learning from other dentists’ experiences.  These reviews by dentists who use the TLC every day can help you understand how the TLC works and how dentists use it in a wide variety of dental practices.  The reviews are also filled with valuable practice pearls that can help you grow and manage your own practice more effectively.

See what dentists have to say about practicing in the TLC ZONE
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John Kois, D.M.D.
"I would encourage all dentists who want to have an aesthetic, efficient operatory that reduces patient anxiety and allows them to work more comfortably and productively to seriously consider the TLC System.”

John Herzog, D.D.S.
“At least once a week since we installed the TLC I hear a patient say, "This was the best dental experience of my life."  I never heard these kinds of comments before.  The difference in the patient experience is all about the TLC."

Stephen Rottjakob, D.D.S.
“Everything about our experience with the TLC has been positive.  My patients are positive about it and my staff loves it.”

Deano Sakos, D.D.S.
“Patients don’t move.  They don’t do anything.  They just lie perfectly still, oblivious to what we’re doing.  This is a wonderful thing.”

Elizabeth Reiter, D.D.S.
"There is no alternative at any price that does everything the TLC does, all in one system!"

Jason Decker, D.D.S. (Pediatric dental practice)
“The TLC has greatly improved the quality of dentistry we provide because we’re spending so much less time on behavior management and more time on teeth!

Marc Worob, D.D.S.
“The TLC solves the monitor placement problem better than anything else I've seen.”

Arlena Roshel, D.D.S.
“We jokingly refer to the TLC as 'kiddie valium' because kids lie so still it's as if they're drugged.”

George Jones, D.M.D.
“You might be able to put it all together cheaper, but you certainly can’t put it together better!”

John Palmer, D.D.S.
“I can honestly say I would not want to practice long apppointment dentistry without the TLC.

Sanford Barr, D.D.S.
"Ergonomically, the TLC is laid out just right for my working style and it gives a fabulous high tech feel to the operatory, exactly the look we wanted to achieve for our practice.”

Dominic Colletti, D.D.S.
"Patients have great confidence in the technology and seem to
place greater trust in our recommendations for higher levels
of treatment.”

Ralph Reilly, D.D.S.
“I have visited countless new dental offices and I have never seen anything that compares to the performance, functionality and ergonomics of the TLC Technology Lighting Center.”

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