Financial Benefits - The TLC Pays for Itself in 6 Months or Less

Increase Production

More Dentistry is Presented.  More Dentistry is Accepted
The TLC’s screen is ideally positioned whether patients are sitting upright or supine.  Because nothing needs to be moved or adjusted to present treatment—arms, lights, screens, bodies—the entire team presents more treatment needs, more often. 

The ideally positioned screen gives patients a close-up, unobstructed view of their treatment needs in the relaxing TLC ZONE.  Needs easily become wants and patients say “yes” faster and more frequently.

Keep the Schedule Filled and Productive
Anxious patients often take evasive action to avoid their dental appointments.  Even patients who are on the fence' look for any excuse to cancel or fail appointments.  However, when patients can look forward to relaxing in the TLC ZONE, they make and keep appointments.  You eliminate costly unscheduled time and spend less energy reaching reluctant patients to reschedule.

Proven Practice Builder
With the TLC, more new patients come through the front door, fewer patients go out the back door, and more wants become needs as more treatment is presented and accepted.   Investing in a TLC is a safe and prudent way to build your practice and increase production every day.

“Our first year with the TLC was our first ‘up’ year in four years.  It was absolutely worth the price in new patient generation alone."  

Increase Hygiene Production
With the TLC, hygiene patients accept more perio and restorative treatment because they receive a better education and have confidence that being able to zone out in the TLC ZONE will allow them to tolerate procedures. 

In hygiene, if it isn’t easy it won’t get done.  The ideal positioning of the TLC's overhead monitor combined with the ease of switching between inputs allows hygienists to use their intraoral cameras and other high tech dental equipment to educate at regular intervals throughout the appointment - without having to stop to re-position the patient to look at an image half way across the room.  The TLC is fun to use and patients are very enthusiastic when they get to watch TV and experience the TLC's advanced technology capabilities.


Improve Efficiency

Expand Quadrant Dentistry
The TLC has proven to be an indispensable tool for doing more quadrant dentistry.  Patients willingly accept more quadrant dentistry appointments because the TLC affords them a better education.  Knowing they can relax and watch movies in the TLC ZONE helps them tolerate long appointments and gives you the pleasure of working on completely cooperative patients who remain perfectly positioned for hours at a time.  The work goes faster, you don’t run behind schedule, everyone is happier, and patients often make unheard of comments like, “Are you done already?” and "I can’t believe you are finished.  The time just flew by.”

Finish Long Appointments Faster
Kids and anxious adults are much easier to work on when they are immersed in the TLC ZONE.  Many dentists report long procedures take 10%-20% less time because patients in the TLC ZONE are truly zoned out. 

Comments one TLC dentist, “Though I purchased the TLC primarily as a patient benefit, what I didn’t count on was how much more efficiently I can work when the patient is so relaxed.  I stop less frequently, I can set the break times, the office environment is more relaxed, and I complete appointments much more quickly which is greatly appreciated by mid-day patients who need to get back to work on time.

  "From the second I turn on the movie, patients just lie there, totally still, as if sedated. They don’t fidget or talk. Their chins are up. It’s almost like working on a mannequin in dental school.  I work so much more efficiently and everyday patients thank us for the experience.”

“With the TLC, I consistently finish long appointments 30-60 minutes faster. Patients love it, and even after six years, they still rave about the TLC.”


Better Operatory Ergonomics
The TLC was designed to integrate all operatory technology and lighting in one convenient hub.  Dentists can switch seamlessly between high definition TV, DVD, digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, practice management software, case presentations and patient education – without re-positioning the patient or interrupting workflow. 

The TLC's overhead patient screen eliminates bulky articulating arms so clinicians can work more efficiently and avoid mid-air collisions of arms and objects.  Twin heat and glare-free fiber optic lights require many fewer adjustments and make everyone more comfortable. 

“Everything we need to show the patient is integrated into the TLC over-the-patient monitor system.  We never have to stop a procedure to use any of our technology.  With the TLC, it’s seamless and easy.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to practice without it.”  

Adjust Lights Less Often
Patients watching entertainment on the ideally positioned TLC screen don’t move their heads.  Once you focus the light on the patient’s mouth, you don’t have to keep moving around to re-position the patient or the light which allows you to sustain a more correct posture and maintain a smoother work flow.

Because the TLC has two independently adjustable cold operating lights, one light can be focused on the patient’s mouth and one on your hands.

It is also very convenient when bonding to be able to flip one switch to change the light to an orange filter ‘no-cure’ mode.

  "I replaced six track lights that were only two years old and will never go back to conventional operatory lighting. I adjust the TLC operating light half as often as the old conventional light.”  

Kids are Like Zombies
The TLC ZONE is extremely effective at calming and distracting adults, and astoundingly effective with children.  Difficult kids behave like angels so dentists can complete more procedures in a less stressful manner. 

Some TLC dentists preferred not to treat kids before they began using the TLC.  Now, kids cooperate and many parents become new patients in the practice due to their child's positive experience in the TLC ZONE.

“Kids who were nearly untreatable are now so totally distracted they become like putty.  If you try to move their heads or open their mouths, they are just very compliant.  Especially for kids who arrive with a lot of fear, we just give them the remote and they waft off into the TLC ZONE.  It makes such a big difference.” 

“We jokingly refer to the TLC ZONE as ‘kiddie valium’ because kids lie so still it’s as if they’re drugged.” 



Pays for Itself

Updatable Design Minimizes Obsolescence
The TLC’s state-of the-art function and appearance combined with a fully updateable design helps avoid costly product replacements.  The 2 ½” wide wire way in the ceiling track allows you to add new technologies without replacing your entire technology delivery system.

Proven Reliability/Low Maintenance
The TLC has a long and proven track record for sturdy and reliable construction, proven engineering, superior quality control and outstanding reliability in the field.  Its rugged design and simple maintenance makes the TLC less expensive to service and maintain.

Lower Occupancy Costs
With its sleek ergonomic ceiling mounted design and integrated lighting system, the TLC helps dentists maximize operatory space utilization.  Operatories can be much smaller, feel more spacious, and provide superior ergonomics.  For example, TLC dentists with smaller spaces are able to fit four operatories in space traditionally designed to permit a maximum of three. 

Use All the Technology You Already Own
There is a lot of technology in offices that gathers dust because it’s not convenient to use.  The TLC was designed to integrate all of your technology products in one convenient hub to help you better utilize your existing technology. 

The ideally positioned monitor makes it easy to seamlessly switch between high definition entertainment, digital X-rays, intraoral camera, case presentations and patient education products. The system is designed to accept updates as future technologies become available which minimizes obsolescence.

  "Before installing the TLC, I didn’t really use much technology.  It was simply too cumbersome.  Now, I use all my technology because it’s so easy.”

“We also show more patient education because it’s so easy to switch from one input to another without re-positioning the patient.  The TLC solves the monitor placement problem better than anything I’ve ever seen.”


Enhance Your Reputation
The TLC does more to raise your patients’ opinion of you than any other dental equipment you might buy.  TLC patients are universally impressed with the technology and delighted that they can watch high definition entertainment during their appointments.  In fact, the patient comment TLC dentists hear most often is “WOW!” 

“We all know that everyone claims to be a gentle dentist, but this level of differentiation is amazing." 

"When patients leave here they are blown away by the experience.  They’ve never seen anything like it and they tell all their friends and families, ‘Hey man, you should go to my dentist.  I just got to see a complete tour of my mouth, X-rays and all, and watch Seinfeld re-runs during my appointment.’  We are now known as the highest tech practice in town.”

“Patients definitely talk about the TLC with their family and co-workers.  It enhances our image as a high tech practice and puts such a positive spin on the dental experience.  We are so glad we bought it.  It has paid for itself many times over.”


Lowest Cost, Instant Operatory Makeover
The TLC provides the least expensive way to update your practice.  Compared to the price of new flooring, cabinets, wall finishes or decor, the TLC represents a modest investment for a complete technology delivery system that solves the monitor placement problem, distracts the patient, gives the office a clean, uncluttered look, and becomes the high tech centerpiece of your practice.

  "I can’t think of a better way to upgrade or retro-fit an existing operatory to function 98% as well as building a new operatory from scratch than to install a TLC.”

“As it is, most of us put stuff wherever we can, and it’s often not a pretty sight.  The TLC is surely the best way I know to modernize an existing operatory and increase efficiency and aesthetics at the same time.”


Pays for Itself in 6 Months or Less
Higher treatment acceptance, increased referrals, better ergonomics, lower office stress and greater patient and staff satisfaction combine to offset the cost of the TLC within the first three months of installation.  Not only does the TLC solve the monitor placement problem, it includes a superior heat and glare-free lighting solution and integrates all digital operatory technology into one convenient delivery system. 

“Initially, I added up the cost of buying separate components including track lights, a monitor arm, the monitor, mounting hardware, etc.  The TLC was about $1500 more, but it is a totally integrated system and creates an amazing look and feel for the operatory.  I can use the DVD and camera interchangeably, the light is integrated and focused, and patients love it and comment every day.  I definitely feel I have completely recouped my investment.”

“If you are remodeling, don’t think twice.  Just add the TLC into your costs and know it will pay for itself in many different ways.”

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